Alien connections – Stewart Swerdlow Interview (english) | Bewusst.TV – 14.9.2015

1:40   his great-uncle Benjamin Swerdlow started mindcontrol/programming in the soviet union already in the 1930s (so before the Nazis)

his cousin Alexei Swerdlow started KGB

3:20   Montauk was already built in 1799 by the military

7:30   Romanov are back

8:50   Montauk not so big, but it goes 9 Levels down.

10:30 Mauthausen (Austria): psychic driving
also in: Poland, Czech Republic (Prague)



today you can be programmed via Satellite, Smartphone, Computer & even electrical system

Electricity has carrier waves of mindcontrol in it



Nazis found out that the most one can fracture
a mind into is:  2197 different alters/personalities.

creates an image in the mind of a cube 13 x 13 x 13 = 2197

Book “13-cubed”:  blogpage: Stewart Swerdlow


18:50 product of montauk: a box that makes a soldier invisible

22:30 dangerous to remove implants

32:00  in 1930 the planet PLUTO was brought into our solar system to the Keiper-Belt

33:40 CERN has been sabotaged several times

58:50 there is a new Soviet Union coming back
we are in World War 3 now



1h 00min

is hollow,
at full moon with a 30x telescope you can seee activity
has a completely circular orbit around earth,
(the only object known that has this properties)
all other planets/moons have an elliptical orbit.

moon is too big to be our natural satellite,
our planet does not have the magnetic pull to keep it here.



  1. staged alien invasion
  2. real alien invasion


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