Heart to Heart with Simon Parkes – Important September Update 2015


industrial revolution (should) finally lead to CERN Hadron collider

Roswell 1947: Computers were brought deliberately to Earth.


CERN-Meditation:  to show that energy can effect material matter.

6 minutes after the meditation CERN stopped working.

CERN requires very much energy (about 7% of the electrical output of France)
a backup supply is based in Switzerland.

a lightning storm appeared over CERN, and over generating station,
and took down their main generator.
had to switch to backup: could only operate at 30% of the needed power.

and all this happened although a battery of black magicians tried to protect CERN from the inside.


How to protect against frequencies
create an impenetrable barrier
we can be attacked by people with psychic abilities or by machines…..

… IF WE LET IT …       (sounds arrogant to many people)

you can prevent a cell-phone-tower irradiating your body.



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