Workshop “Trauma Based Mind Control & SRA” –, Sep2016, Basel Switzerland



Trauma Workshop in Switzerland/Basel /Kloster Dornach
September 23-25th 2016

We will be covering special and highly effective techniques for trauma treatment- profound knowledge in 3 days!

Through lectures, demonstrations and practice get an overview of:

  • Signs and symptoms of trauma and Satanic Ritual Abuse
  • What is done to these victims and why?
  • What is trauma and what are triggers?
  • Treatment methods for healing
  • How to care for yourself while dealing with this type of abuse
  • Gain greater awareness of the role these types of abuses play in our world
  • Learn how the same forces that are capable of these extreme abuses control, dictate and limit our daily lives in subtle ways we have been trained to accept as normal
  • Hear from survivors about: the impact of abuse on their lives methods used for healing the dramatic and positive changes treatment made


The weekend workshop will include:
Lectures and practice in energetic healing methods using Sandra’s manual, muscle testing and demonstrations of regressive therapy.


Workshop will be held in English with German translation if necessary.


Source: Workshop “Trauma Based Mind Control & SRA” engl. – Time For Change- Zeit für Veränderung



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