Heart to Heart with Simon Parkes – Important September Update 2015


industrial revolution (should) finally lead to CERN Hadron collider

Roswell 1947: Computers were brought deliberately to Earth.


CERN-Meditation:  to show that energy can effect material matter.

6 minutes after the meditation CERN stopped working.

CERN requires very much energy (about 7% of the electrical output of France)
a backup supply is based in Switzerland.

a lightning storm appeared over CERN, and over generating station,
and took down their main generator.
had to switch to backup: could only operate at 30% of the needed power.

and all this happened although a battery of black magicians tried to protect CERN from the inside.


How to protect against frequencies
create an impenetrable barrier
we can be attacked by people with psychic abilities or by machines…..

… IF WE LET IT …       (sounds arrogant to many people)

you can prevent a cell-phone-tower irradiating your body.



Alien connections – Stewart Swerdlow Interview (english) | Bewusst.TV – 14.9.2015

1:40   his great-uncle Benjamin Swerdlow started mindcontrol/programming in the soviet union already in the 1930s (so before the Nazis)

his cousin Alexei Swerdlow started KGB

3:20   Montauk was already built in 1799 by the military

7:30   Romanov are back

8:50   Montauk not so big, but it goes 9 Levels down.

10:30 Mauthausen (Austria): psychic driving
also in: Poland, Czech Republic (Prague)



today you can be programmed via Satellite, Smartphone, Computer & even electrical system

Electricity has carrier waves of mindcontrol in it



Nazis found out that the most one can fracture
a mind into is:  2197 different alters/personalities.

creates an image in the mind of a cube 13 x 13 x 13 = 2197

Book “13-cubed”:  blogpage: Stewart Swerdlow


18:50 product of montauk: a box that makes a soldier invisible

22:30 dangerous to remove implants

32:00  in 1930 the planet PLUTO was brought into our solar system to the Keiper-Belt

33:40 CERN has been sabotaged several times

58:50 there is a new Soviet Union coming back
we are in World War 3 now



1h 00min

is hollow,
at full moon with a 30x telescope you can seee activity
has a completely circular orbit around earth,
(the only object known that has this properties)
all other planets/moons have an elliptical orbit.

moon is too big to be our natural satellite,
our planet does not have the magnetic pull to keep it here.



  1. staged alien invasion
  2. real alien invasion


What Is This GWEN Tower Really For? | David Icke

‘In the realm of government conspiracies discussed on the Internet, it doesn’t take long to hear about GWEN towers. The topic comes up again and again in forums regarding government mind control programs. Here’s a complete explanation of how this would work. The potential for attuned frequencies, and extremely low frequency (ELF) waves in particular,

Source: What Is This GWEN Tower Really For? | David Icke

Simon Parkes — 15th August CERN Hadron Collider

CERN Hadron Collider

On the 15th August a unique planetary alignment is to take place. The hadron collider will be pushed to its maximum output on the 15th. The purpose of this is to break human’s connection to source. The earth has a natural bio rhythm which rises and falls just as a surfer on a surf board rides the ocean wave so the hadron collider is intending to ride the natural bio rhythmic wave from the earth. Obviously this is not a good thing.

At 12 noon BST (please check your timings here http://www.timeanddate.com/time/zones/bst) I ask you to sit from 12 noon BST for 5 minutes and I wish you to provide a thought that the intended operation does not stop the earth’s connection to source (I’ve had to word this in a particular way so that it does not break any government rules) basically I would like you to send healing thoughts to the hadron collider. I will be able to use those positive thoughts to provide a beneficial outcome.

This happening in August is not to be confused with the energy wave expected in September. I will be calling on all of you to provide assistance at that time. I know that many of you have been really looking forward to undertaking some positive action and finally we now have our first real challenge. I can’t emphasise enough how important our first test is. You have all joined connecting consciousness for many reasons, whatever those reasons the outcome is a shared outcome and we face our first hurdle on the 15th. Let us ensure that we are successful. The main protagonist in this battle is artificial intelligence known to some as Velon/Archon – it is this that we first meet head on on the 15th August and for those of you who are keen on research this is directly linked to chemtrails. I’m very delighted to welcome Dr Brian Ostrowski who I have given space on my website, please take the trouble to read his contribution and if you feel you can contribute in any way please fill in his contact form. I am personally delighted to welcome Brian because science and spirituality are not opposites although the establishment seeks to drive a wedge between the two energies we should understand that science and spirituality are the same – it is merely how we interpret it. Spirituality has nothing to fear from science nor science from spirituality rather it is the minds behind the concepts that are either positive or negative and we heartily welcome Brian’s contribution.

Following Saturdays meeting we now have a number of members who have offered to coordinate the Connecting Consciousness group. Once they are in place the structure and interaction of each group will be made clear. It promises to be a very exciting time and one I know you are deeply committed to. As soon as the new members are in place the contact form on the website will be reactivated and hopefully normal business will be resumed soon. We continue to suffer a range of energetic and physic attacks, I am deeply indebted to everybody who has tirelessly given their time and energy to Connecting Consciousness. Thank you all and hopefully I will have something positive to report after the 15th August.

Much love, much strength, much hope


Source: Simon Parkes August Newsletter