Microwave device to monitor diabetes – Cardiff University

A team of researchers from the School of Engineering have developed a wearable glucose monitor that does not require the extraction of blood.Instead of taking measurements by pricking the skin, the device, which attaches to the body via sticky adhesives, uses microwaves to measure glucose levels, sending the resulting data to a computer or mobile app.

Source: Microwave device to monitor diabetes – News – Cardiff University

Tom BEARDEN: The Neurophone

 Another device that uses the new hyperspatial, virtual state, nested modulation technology (and has done so for seventeen or eighteen years) is Dr. Pat Flanagan’s neurophone.  With brilliant insight and intuition far beyond that of science at the time, Pat invented and patented the instrument by the time he was seventeen years old.  The neurophone is a device that, contrary to all present theory and knowledge, will directly “pump the brain” and reproduce sound and information directly in the brain and mind system, without going through the auditory system at all.



TOM BEARDEN: Typical Hieronymus Device

The Hieronymus machine has been built by many persons, and it works for those who are not negative.  It processes entities that exist in the dual-state, or that obey the fourth law of logic.  And we can do some almost magical things with these dual-state nonthings, these nothings, if we set our minds to it.  This is what psychotronics is all about. 



Tom Bearden: The Kaznacheyev Experiments

The Kaznacheyev experiments (several thousand) in the Soviet Union proved conclusively that any cellular disease or death pattern can be transmitted electromagnetically, and induced in target cells absorbing the radiation.

Source: Extraordinary Biology


Dr. Vlail Kaznacheyev is Director of the
Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Novosibirsk.

For 20 years he has been directing highly unusual experiments with twin cell cultures. These experiments are vital to understanding disease and healing on a more fundamental basis than is presently utilized by orthodox medical science.

 Death transmission via the paranormal channel:


Disease and Death Induction:



Tom Bearden: The Final Secret of Free Energy

This paper contains the real secret of tapping the vacuum energy very simply, using almost any source of potential (battery, electrostatic generator a la Swiss electrostatic device (the Testatika), elevated wire wire/250 V/m in the earth/ionosphere potential, etc). The objective is for the moderately technical reader to understand how to build and understand not only a single device, but also hundreds of different kinds of them. While it is quite simple, the “magic principle” contained in this paper only took me some 30 years to discover.

Source: The Tom Bearden Website